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Technical description
Lenght: 80,45 m (over all)
Breath: 15,10 m (over all)
Draught: 5,80 m (max)
Power (kw): 6620 kW plus 1150 kW
Max speed: 16,0 knots
Min crew: 16 men
Capability description: Oil recovery vessel
  • Lightering of bulk oils
  • Discharging/recovery of packaged oils
  • Oil sweeping from the water surface with 2 sweeping arms
Chemical recovery vessel
  • Lightering of bulk chemicals according to the GL-"List of substances permitted to be carried"
  • Discharging/recovery of packaged chemicals
Emergency tug (1.000 kN pulling power)

Ice breaker
Booms: See "Mechanical recovery equipment"
  1. See "Cargo transfer"
  2. In the 2 sweeping arms, 320 m3/h each
Oil storage capacity: 881 m3 tank space (820 m3 for a.m. chemicals)
Dispersant capacity: None
Other special capacity:
  1. 2 Sweeping arms with
    • 320 m3/h each for oils with max viscositiy of 12.000 cSt to 15.000 cSt
    • pumps for oils with high and very high viscosity
      are planned, but not yet realized
    • hot water high pressure system each to liquefy
      thick oils is planned, but not yet realized
  2. Special separation plant for oils with max viscosity of 12.000 cSt to 15.000 cSt
  3. Tank heating system planned, but not yet realized
  4. 1 Crane, max 120 kN, max 13 m
  5. Gase / chemicals detection and protection systems
  6. Fire fighting systems
  7. First aid room (no doctor on board!)
  8. 2/4 high sea fenders for lightering / cargo transfer operations on board (ship's equipment)
Normal location: North Sea / base: Wilhelmshaven

Conditions for offering assistance:

  1. See the BONN Agreement / HELSINKI Convention combatting manuals
  2. Costs/hour in 2007: 1462 EURO/h incl. fuel with an increase of yearly 0% - 5% in future (for details contact via CCME/Maritime Reporting and Assessment Centre;)
  3. 1st contacts:
    Operational contact point Maritime Reporting and Assessment Centre;
    Phone: +49-4721-567 485
    Fax: +49-4721-567 745
    E-Mail: mlz@havariekommando.de

    Managing unit in case of spillages: Maritime Emergencies and Marine Pollution Response.
    Phone: +49-4721-567-480/-481/-482/-483
    Fax: ++49-4721-567 490
    E-mail: fb2@havariekommando.de

    Additional information:
  1. High sea vessel
  2. Under federal responsibility
  3. (WSA Wilhelmshaven)